Friday, April 15, 2011

SLRC Conference April 6, 2011

I attended the welcomes, keynote speaker and good snack times and a session about Programming in the Library. But the best parts for me were: The Teen Reader's Advisory presentation by that staff and the on-screen book covers. Liz Sundermann was up-to-date and thorough with comments and discussion. There was audience participation. The other excellent session for me was the Storytelling For Non-Storytellers session. There was a focus on traditional storytelling techniques as well as techniques using flannel boards, cut and tell, draw and tell, and the use of props. I also spent time in the Children's and in the Teen areas. There's always something new to see and things to ask about. I wish that more staff would take advantage of these in-service opportunities. We do offer them rides, etc. but maybe we should do more. Almost all activities are at a distance for Western Maryland staffs so I know that it is difficult - and the weather always has to be considered.