Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Polaris Users Group Annual Meeting

Full Name: Maria Smucker
Library System: Washington County Free Library

Learning Event website:

Top 3 things learned:
1) Current library practices in training and implementing RDA standards -
more libraries have adopted RDA, but it's still very much all over the place
in terms of how much is done.
2) Common concerns and issues shared by cataloging/TP staff in other
3) Still a work-in-progress with FRBR and the future shape of authority

How to implement
Focus future training on developments in RDA and especially the somewhat esoteric FRBR if possible. Eventually this will impact the catalog.

Monday, November 17, 2014

RELIB Staff Day 2014

Full Name: Allen Dunson
Library System: Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County

Top 3 things learned:

  • Genealogists are loyal patrons and some times need little guidance.
  • Lexile is not a Superman villain. It's got something to do with rating book difficulty.
  • Bowling alleys can be loud.

How to implement: 
Show a patron interested in genealogy the resources on our website.

Reflection Image:

RELIB Staff Day 2014

Full Name: Connie Savage
Library System: Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County

Top 3 things learned:

  • I have not yet worked with any questions on Lexile so the presentation explained where to look up Lexile scores and explained how the system worked. After the presentation I was able to talk to a colleague who has children and is familiar with Lexile reader and text so if I had any questions her knowledge is available.
  • The Genealogy 101 session gave book suggestions for further information with search techniques. A new site for me was PERSI which I think will be very useful. 
  • Mary Mannix went over a lot of good information that would help the beginner and seasoned genealogy hunters.

How to implement:

Mary's information will help with questions on genealogy with book titles and web sites that patrons may not familar with. The Lexile information will also be helpful with parent/child questions.

Additional learning: 
The topics that were covered was explained well. It was good to find the colleagues that have worked with the topics so if any questions arise they might be available to help.

Friday, November 14, 2014

RELIB Staff Day 2014

Author: Crystal Adkins
Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County

Top 3 things learned:
1) Lexile Scores-We learned a little more about what the scores mean and how to
find them on the Scholastic website. We briefly went over the search function
and how to use it effectively.

2) AR Books- We reviewed that AR books are elementary age and that the Lexile
scores are for middle school. I learned that there is a search sight for
these as well.

3) Genealogy Resources- We had a whirlwind of information flying at us in the
brief amount of time allotted for class. There are many, many resources in
the library, physically and ones that we provide online, but we also briefly
touched on some of the other resources out there, for example the genealogy
library that the Mormon church curates.

How to implement
First, I need to explore all these great resources. Then, I will be able to effectively answer patrons requests for Lexile scores, ARlists and books for their children from these categories. I will also, be able to direct genealogy patrons to the right resources to conduct their research.