Monday, April 13, 2009

Leading From Any Position I

Staff Name: Jennifer Spriggs

Workshop: Leading from Any Position I, Columbia Hilton

Library System: Western Maryland Regional Library

Date: April 8th and 9th

Summary: I attended this workshop with three other library staff members from Western Maryland - Tracy Carroll (WMRL), Frances Lockley (WCFL/WMRL), and Krista McKenzie (REGAR), which was facilitated by Becky Schreiber and John Shannon. I think that the overall goal of the workshop was to empower the library staff attending the session. During the two days we looked at the five disciplines of a learning organization, the 9 enneagram styles and how they apply to leading learning organizations, delegating, and creative problem solving.

Aha!s to share:

By creating groundrules for a work team you can perform more efficiently and effectively. Use the following questions to help move group towards a decision: Are we ready to make a decision? What do we need to make a decision? What decision have we made? What actions are required? Who is going to do them and by when?

Questions to ask yourself: From my position, what can I do to create a learning library?

Quotes that made an impression:

"Delegation is to continually develop people who report to you to the extent that they can eventually perform the tasks better than you."

"Where you focus your attention your energy will follow."

Websites to share: Wiki:

Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5 - I'd highly recommend this workshop to anyone in any position at a library!

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