Thursday, May 28, 2009

MLA Session: What's New in Young Adult Literature?

This session was sponsored by PSD/TIG divisions/interest group of the Maryland Library Association and by YALSA.

The presentation was given by Jennifer Rothschild of Prince George's County Memorial Library System. And, I must say, it was extremely well-attended! (Not everyone was able to fit in the room!) She began the presentation talking about YALSA, the Young Adult Library Services Association and the benefits of becoming a member, which I can say are numerous. It is an organization that is incredibly welcoming and resourceful. However, you don't have to be a member of the organization to access the resources. Jennifer went on to discuss this year's award winning books. YALSA gives 6 different media awards, and if you are looking for book recommendations, then this is the place you should look! This is YALSA's webpage where you can gather information about YALSA: And, here are links to the award and book recommendation lists: (access point for all awards & lists) (Best Books for YAs) (Graphic Novels) (Teens’ Top 10) (Printz Award) (Edwards Award)

Then Jennifer discussed some of the emerging trends in young adult literature and book talked some recommended titles. The trends that Jennifer listed are as follows:
Vampires, Zombies, and other Supernatural Horrors
Fairy Tales
Greek Mythology
Updated Classics
Rich Mean Girls
Urban Life
Culture Clash Identity Crises
Kid Spies

And she noted that a future trend teens are leaning toward is Angels! So be prepared! :)

If you would like to contact Jennifer with questions about her presentation. Here is her contact info: Jennifer Rothschild

For more info about what books she recommended for each trend or the booklists she talked about, you can access her presentation slides and booklists at the following links: Slides Booklist

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