Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ABOS 2012 Conference

The Association of Bookmobile & Outreach Services 2012 Conference was a great learning experience.  Dr. Gary Fountain, Rector of Chatham Hall kicked off the conference with an inspirational speech of how he has integrated technology into the Chatham Hall curriculum and Library.  Attendees also had the privilege to listen to author Donald Pollock read a few excerpts from his book The Devil all the Time.  I personally don't care for murder mysteries, however Pollock has such a smooth voice I could listen to him read instructions on how to assemble a bookcase.

The workshops covered a wide range of topics that our department provides.  I chose to attend a few early literacy seminars, reaching seniors in assisted living and a marketing seminar.  Hands down Flaunt Yourselves: Using Outreach as Marketing was worth the trip alone. Chaundra Carroccio & Tameka Roby from East Baton Rouge Parish Library explained what works and what doesn't for their department.   This dynamic duo can energize a crowd and their charisma keeps their department running on all gears.

One of the many highlights of the conference is being able to tour the numerous bookmobiles from other libraries.  After touring the other bookmobiles I am thankful for our efficient layout and two laptops.   If at all possible the next time the conference is held near Maryland our bookmobile should be displayed.

Overall the conference was a great experience.  The seminars and speakers offered some new ideas. I meet and talked with other outreach workers from both huge departments to as small as one man show. We discussed schedules, staff sizes, and number of vehicles per department.  After speaking with my fellow comrades I felt confident that our department is doing a great job.

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