Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Session 2: Fandom

With the advent of Harry Potter and Twilight, and even before that with Star Trek and Star Wars, we are starting to see more and more audience participation with and for the books we are reading.

The YALSA conference sponsored a session on Fan Fic, and here are some notes I jotted down to share:

What? Fandom is a group of fans who live out part of a book/movie

Who? Teenagers and Adults

When? As long as people have been enjoying books and stories

Where? Anywhere

Why? Fun/Communication/Ability to Identify with Others

Some Vocabulary:
Fandom- Fans coming together
Fanfiction- Takes place anywhere in the story world
Livejournal- LJ community (a blogger community)
Cannon-source material
Con- Convention where fans interact

Steps to Becoming a "Fan"
1. Read everything...
2. Buy the "Official Guide"
3. Buy the 'Unofficial Guide"
4. Read essays about the book
5. Buy the jewelry or make your own
6. Have events and dress up like your favorite character for example: Dress up as Bella or Alice and have a prom

Fandoms must have:
1. Participation
2. Community
3. Dedication
Nobody owns a fandom!

Different forms of Participation
  • Fanfiction
  • Information Getting
  • Talking about your Fandom with others
  • Analyzing your Fandom
  • Making it Real
  • Twittering about your Fandom
  • Roleplaying
  • Buttons
  • Crafts
  • Knitting
  • Fan Art
  • Cosplay -costume play
  • Fan videos

Fanfiction is where your introduce a new character into an already existing story by writing a new episode/chapter/story.

Many who write fanfiction archive it in a site. Here are some recommended online sites for fanfic:

Those writing fanfiction cannot do it for profit. If so, they risk risk copyright infringement.

Possibly Program Ideas:

  • Writing workshops
  • Reviewing Workshops
  • A Fandom, in general, gathering
  • Finding Fanfiction
  • Do-It-Yourself Book covers
  • LOL Book covers
  • Parties
  • Recipes and Cooking
  • Readers Theatre

For example:

Con at the library (Washington County is already doing this, so they would be a great resource for such a project)

Games and Puzzles

Dramarama- Have a sing a long musical

Princess Diaries- Have princess lessons

Alex Rider- Gadgets and technology demos

Library jeopardy

Many authors also have their own fanfic contests sponsored on their websites such as:

Meg Cabot and Holly Black

Also Check out these websites:

The 39 Clues

The Hunger Ganes

Harper Teen Fan Lit

Nerd Fighters (John Green's site)

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